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Please note: The information on this page is specific to charter schools, and intended to supplement information on the School Partners page.

Watch a Recorded Information Session

Spring Program Essentials Overview Session

The Spring Program Essentials Overview session will equip you with the information you need to best design and implement the Save for College Program in your school communities this spring. You can watch a recording of the video above and please click here for a copy of the slide deck from the presentation.


Fall Information Session

Learn about next steps for your school including implementing the education period and opt out process as well as the tools and resources available to you.

Training Modules

Training for NYC Charter School Kindergarten Teachers on the Save for College Kindergarten Curriculum Extensions Guide

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program curriculum extensions guide for kindergarten is an exciting and interactive exploration of concepts designed to develop a sense of financial literacy for kindergarten students.  This recorded professional learning module is intended for Kindergarten teachers who will be incorporating  the financial literacy curriculum extensions into their curriculum. In this module, you will  learn about the Save for College Program while also exploring the curriculum extensions at the unit level and doing a deeper dive into a specific lesson and assessment. Participants will be guided to imagine how to adapt the curriculum for different scenarios. Be sure to download the Kindergarten Training Participant Notes document to capture your notes and reflections during the training, and fill out the brief feedback form after the session! For access to the associated NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program Kindergarten Curriculum Extension Guide document, please reach out to your school’s Save for College Program Liaison. 

Fall Save for College Program Essentials


  • To provide school staff with an introduction to the Save for College Program and the role of schools in its implementation
  • To provide school staff with an overview of the parent/guardian Save for College Program journey from enrollment to foundational steps
  • To explain the Education Period and its relationship to the Opt-Out Process, including an outline of tools available to implement the Education Period
  • To support school staff to develop the ability to explain the program in their own words and in ways that resonate with their unique school community


  • Your Save for College Program Liaison, ATS maintainer, K teachers and any other school staff implementers that will need to know this information to support implementation of the program

Click on the following links to view a pre-recorded webinar or download a self led exercise, provide feedback and take a check for understanding quiz.

Module 1: Save for College Program Quick Start Guide (13 min)

Purpose: To provide school staff with a brief overview of the vision for the program, what it provides, why it is beneficial, who does what in the process and how the program is implemented.

Additional Reading

Module 2: Overview of the Save for College Program Family Journey (9 min)

Purpose: To provide school staff with key information about family eligibility, enrollment and the foundational steps that families will take to benefit from the platform.

Additional Reading

Module 3: Implementing the Education Period and Understanding the Fall Opt Out Process (7 min)

Note: This module was created prior to the opt-out period extension. Please refer to recent emails for latest guidance on opt-out period timing.

Purpose: To explain the goals and activities of the Education Period. To outline the tools available to school staff for executing the Education Period and to give a brief overview of the Fall Opt-Out process.

Additional Reading

Self-Led Exercise (Worksheet): Explaining the Program in Your Own Words (20-30 min)

Opt-Out Process: ATS Data Management Training

Purpose: To ensure that ATS maintainers are introduced to the Opt-Out process and understand how to print personalized opt-out notice and forms from the ATS printer as well as complete necessary data entry in ATS when they receive a completed Opt-Out Form.

Audience: ATS Maintainers

Additional Reading: Access the DOE ATS Wiki for instructions on printing personalized opt out letters and guidance for logging opt-out requests.

Opt Out Process for Charter Schools

Kindergarteners will be automatically enrolled in the Save for College Program unless their parents/guardians choose to “opt out.”

Parents/guardians may opt out of the program by completing and returning a Charter School Participant Status Change Form to their child’s school for data entry into ATS within a defined 30-day period. If a family opts out, they will not receive an NYC Scholarship Account, they will not receive the initial $100, and their student’s data will not be shared with NYC Kids RISE and the technology vendor VistaShare. Parents/guardians who want to participate in the program simply take NO ACTION during the opt-out period.

Fall Opt-Out Process (November 1st – December 23, 2021)

  • School staff should distribute the Charter School Participant Status Change Form to all kindergarten families as soon as possible.
  • A general version of the Charter School Participant Status Change Form is available in all DOE-supported languages below.
  • Personalized forms can also be printed directly from ATS starting on 11/2/2021 for each eligible student.
  • Parents/guardians of Kindergarten students enrolled in a participating school by November 1st have until December 23rd to return a Charter School Participant Status Change Form if they DO NOT wish to participate in the program.
  • Paper forms returned to the school must be logged into ATS by 5pm on 12/23/2021 and stored in student files.

Rolling Opt-Out Process (Post November 1, 2021)

  • Kindergarten students who enroll in a participating NYC charter school after November 1 will still have the opportunity to participate in, or opt out of, the program.
  • Starting November 2nd, personalized opt-out notices and forms will automatically print at your school, via ATS, as new students become eligible for the program during the 2021–22 school year; please ensure families of new students receive these letters.

Guidance on Using ATS for the Opt-Out Process

Cancellation & Re-Enrollment

  • All eligible families can also cancel and/or re-enroll at any time after their initial opt-out period (more info on these processes will be provided in the coming weeks).


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