Your child has received more money in their NYC Scholarship Account!


We have good news: $103.92 has been added to your kindergartener’s NYC Scholarship Account through the Baby Bonds Community Scholarship!

Every Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School kindergartener enrolled in the Save for College Program has been allocated funds through a Community Scholarship announced at the end of 2021. This money was added to the initial $100 that NYC Kids RISE invested in your child’s account!

Community Scholarships are a key way for families, schools, and communities to save together for students’ educational futures. View your child’s NYC Scholarship Account to see the money for yourself.


See the Money for Yourself:

  • If this is your first time viewing your child’s NYC Scholarship Account, follow the steps to complete Building Block 1. Complete all three Building Blocks to earn additional rewards for your child’s NYC Scholarship Account.
  • If you have already activated your child’s NYC Scholarship Account, log back into Savings Tracker.


For help logging into your account, completing the Building Blocks or activating a Savings Match to earn more money for your child’s account, call NYC Kids RISE at 833-543-7473 or email

In community,

Debra-Ellen Glickstein
Executive Director, NYC Kids RISE

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