Happy Birthday from NYC Kids RISE!

At NYC Kids RISE, we noticed your child’s birthday is coming up and wanted to say Happy Birthday!

We also wanted to share this message from another parent in our Save for College Program community:

Dear Save for College Program Parent or Guardian,

My name is Rahimuzzaman Sumon and I am the parent of a 1st grader at P.S. 122 in Astoria. My daughter is enrolled in the Save for College Program. We want to make sure she has funds available to pay for college or career training. We also want to show her that our whole community believes in her. So I wanted to share with you something I tried last June for her birthday:

I asked family and friends to help me save for her instead of buying her birthday presents. A little ahead of her birthday party, I shared my Ugift code with those around me who I thought would be willing to contribute and was able to get them to contribute some extra funds for college. I have now started a tradition and plan to ask my friends and family to help me in this way every year. I would rather they help her with something that will last rather than buy her a toy she will outgrow.


Rahimuzzaman Sumon

How Friends and Family Can Help You Save

You can let friends and family know via birthday party invitations that you would appreciate money toward your child’s college and career training fund as their birthday present this year, just like Rahimuzzaman Sumon did.

Here is how you can ask friends and family to help you save for your child’s college and career training as a gift for their birthday this year:

If you have an NY 529 Direct Plan Account:

  • Log into your NY 529 account at and click “Share Ugift® code and view history of gifts.”
  • Give your 6-digit Ugift® code to friends and family who want to deposit to your child’s account.
  • You can share the code as part of birthday party invitations, on Facebook or other social media.
  • To deposit, friends and family visit, enter the code, and click “Give a Gift.” They will see your child’s name and the account holder’s name.
  • They can easily and securely give money to your child without accessing any of your account information.

If you have an Amalgamated Save for College Bank Account:

  • Ask friends or family to provide you with a check or money order that you can deposit into your child’s Amalgamated Save for College Bank Account.


  • Call the NYC Kids RISE hotline at (833) 543-7473 or email us at [email protected] to speak with a member of the NYC Kids RISE team.
    You can also make an appointment with the NYC Kids RISE team for 1:1 support:

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program is a scholarship and savings program administered by NYC Kids RISE Inc., a nonprofit, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York. NYC Kids RISE is neither affiliated with, nor an authorized distributor of, New York’s 529 College Savings Program and does not solicit investments or provide investment advice.

Small steps to big college dreams

Find out how:
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833-KID-RISE (833-543-7473)

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program provides families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to save for their children’s futures. It’s a scholarship and savings program designed to make college more accessible and achievable for all NYC public school students—regardless of their family’s income or immigration status. The Save for College Program is a tool that families, along with their schools and neighbors, can use and customize in the way that best fits into their lives and best supports their dreams for their children. NYC Kids RISE, a nonprofit organization, manages the Save for College Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York.
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