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Activate and View Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account (English with Arabic and Mandarin Interpretation) – Hosted by NYC Kids RISE & Inside Schools

May 17, 2023, 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Kindergarten and first grade families! If your child is enrolled in an NYC public school (including participating charter schools) they have a free NYC Scholarship Account for college and career training with an initial $100 from NYC Kids RISE.

Join us to learn how to activate your child’s account, and receive even more money for their higher education! Our team will work with you to activate and view your child’s NYC Scholarship account so you can receive your first $25 reward!

Make sure to get your child’s nine-digit Student ID Number (OSIS number) before the workshop so that you can activate your child’s account. You can ask your school’s Parent Coordinator, check your child’s report card, or log into your NYC Schools Account to get this number. You will also need your child’s date of birth and home ZIP code and your email address to activate the NYC Scholarship Account.

激活并查看您孩子的 NYC 奖学金账户

幼儿园和一年级学生家庭请注意!只要您的孩子就读于 NYC 公立学校(包括参与计划的特许学校),就拥有一个用于大学和职业培训的免费 NYC 奖学金账户 (NYC Scholarship Account),其中存有由 NYC Kids RISE 提供的 100 美元初始资金。

欢迎加入我们,了解如何激活孩子的账户并为他们未来的教育获取更多资金!我们的团队将与您一起激活孩子的 NYC 奖学金账户,以便您能获取第一笔 25 美元的奖励!

为了顺利激活孩子的账户,请确保在研讨会开始前准备好您孩子的九位数学生证号码(OSIS 号码)!要获取该号码,您可以咨询学校的家长协调员,查看孩子的成绩单上,或登录您的纽约市学校帐户 (NYC Schools Account)。

تفعيل حساب المنحة الدراسية لمدينة نيويورك (NYC) الخاص بطفلك والاطلاع عليه

أسر طلاب صف الروضة والصف الأول! إذا كان طفلكم مسجلًا في المدارس العامة بمدينة نيويورك (ومنها المدارس المستقلة المشاركة)، فإنه يمتلك حسابًا مجانيًا للمنحة الدراسية لمدينة نيويورك (NYC Scholarship Account) للإلحاق بالكلية والتدريب المهني، ويكون به مبلغ أولي قدره 100 دولار من مؤسسة (NYC Kids RISE).

انضموا إلينا للتعرُّف على كيفية تفعيل حساب طفلكم وتلقي المزيد من الأموال من أجل مستقبله التعليمي! سيتعاون معكم فريقنا من أجل تفعيل حساب المنحة الدراسية لمدينة نيويورك (NYC)، بحيث يمكنكم تلقي مكافأتكم الأولى البالغ قدرها 25 دولارًا!

احرصوا على أن يكون لديكم رقم هوية الطالب المكون من تسعة أرقام الخاص بطفلكم (رقم OSIS) قبل بدء ورشة العمل، حتى تتمكنوا من تفعيل حساب طفلكم! يمكنكم أن تحصلوا على هذا الرقم بطلبه من منسق شؤون الآباء في مدرسة طفلكم أو مراجعة بطاقة التقرير المدرسي الخاصة بطفلكم أو تسجيل الدخول إلى حساب مدارس مدينة نيويورك (NYC Schools Account) الخاص بطفلكم.


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May 17, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
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Save for College Information Session

This information session introduces parents and guardians to the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program, including who is eligible to participate, how the Program works, and how parents or guardians can take foundational steps (Building Blocks) to earn rewards for their child’s college and career training.

Activate and View Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account

Is your family ready to take the first foundational step in the Save for College Program? At this workshop, parents and guardians will learn how to activate and view their child’s NYC Scholarship Account (Building Block 1). Families will also learn about the other foundational steps of the Program (Building Block 2 and 3).

Choose the Right College and Career Savings Account

How can parents and guardians build on the money invested in their child’s NYC Scholarship Account? Join this workshop to learn about the college and career saving account options available for your child through the Save for College Program. Opening and connecting a savings account to your child’s NYC Scholarship Account is the second foundational step in the Program (Building Block 2).

Meet the College and Career Savings Experts

Are you looking for more information on how to save for your child’s college and career training? This interactive panel discussion will explain the college and career savings account options available through the Save for College Program. A financial counselor will provide tips and answer questions about how families can save.

My Kid is Going to College

How can parents and guardians plan ahead for their child’s college and career journey? This interactive workshop will introduce families to different types of college and career training, the cost of higher education, and available resources. Participants will learn how the Save for College Program fits into their child’s educational future and will be encouraged to share their own stories and experiences in order to learn from one another.

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