Building Block 1: Activate and View NYC Scholarship Account

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Every student in the Save for College Program automatically receives an NYC Scholarship Account with an initial $100 from NYC Kids RISE, unless their family chooses not to participate and opts out. You can receive more money for your child’s NYC Scholarship Account by taking additional steps. The first step is to activate and view the account. Complete this step to earn your first $25 reward:

When Can I Activate My Child’s NYC Scholarship Account?

  • All kindergarten, first grade, and second grade families in the Save for College Program can now activate and view their children’s NYC Scholarship Accounts.
  • Learn if your child is eligible to participate in the Save for College Program here.


How Do I Activate My Child’s Account?

  • Enter the following information and click Submit:
    • Your child’s home ZIP code
    • Your child’s date of birth
    • Your child’s nine-digit Student ID Number (to find this number, look at your child’s report card, ask your school, or log onto your NYC Schools Account at
    You DO NOT need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), bank account, or credit card number to participate in the Program or activate your child’s NYC Scholarship Account.
  • Enter your name and email, and create a password. Read and accept the Terms of Use, then click Create User Profile.
Congratulations on completing Building Block 1! You’ve earned $25 for your child’s NYC Scholarship Account.



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Important Facts

  • This account is owned and managed by NYC Kids RISE, and the money in this account is for your child’s college and career training.
  • The money is invested in a NY 529 Direct Plan, which is a type of investment account specifically created for college and career savings. This money can be used for a variety of qualified higher education expenses.
  • Only NYC Kids RISE can allocate funds into NYC Scholarship Accounts. Community members (including local organizations and businesses) can contribute to NYC Scholarship Accounts through Community Scholarships.
  • NYC Kids RISE will put additional rewards toward this account as you complete each Building Block.

After you activate your child’s NYC Scholarship Account, take the next step in your Save for College Program journey to earn another $25 reward:


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