July 2020 Reward Deadline Extension Activate Your Account

Rewards Deadline has been Extended! Activate Now and See Your Child’s Scholarship Funds for their Future - See your child's college savings in just a few easy steps

Dear Parents and Families in the Save for College Community,

Good news! The deadline to earn the full scholarship rewards for your child’s educational future has been extended to the last day of school 2021! 

As a student in School District 30, your child was automatically enrolled in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program and has an NYC Scholarship Account with money for their college and career training future.

Act today — take the first step of three steps and activate your child’s NYC Scholarship Account to earn $25 toward your child’s educational future.

Here’s How to Activate Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account (Building Block #1)

Activate your child’s existing NYC Scholarship Account on your phone, tablet or computer in about 15 minutes or less. You will just need the information listed below — for your reference — and to create a password. Once logged in to the account you will see an initial deposit of $100 from NYC Kids RISE. You will also receive the full $25 reward deposited to the account several days after you complete the activation.

Remember that you will never have to deposit money to access this NYC Scholarship Account, and you do not have to provide your Social Security Number, ITIN Number, bank account or credit card information.You will not be required to provide economic or immigration status

When you are ready, click here to access the Savings Tracker and follow the steps below to activate your child’s account. Activating your account is your long-term access to see how these funds evolve over the next 10-12 years.

If you have any questions or need more support, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 833-543-7473 so we can help you and answer any questions. 


NYC Kids RISE Team

How to Activate Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account

1. Click here to access the Savings Tracker

2. Enter the following information:

  • Your Child’s Home Zip Code
  • Your Child’s Date of Birth
  • Your Child’s 9-digit Student ID Numberthis is the 9-digit number that you used to activate your MySchools account. If you don’t have it, you can ask your Parent Coordinator

3. Enter your name, email address, and create a password. Check the box to accept the Terms of Service, then click on Create User Profile.

4. Complete the survey (all questions are optional) and click Submit.


That’s it! You have now activated your child’s NYC Scholarship Account and completed Building Block #1 of the Save for College Program!


What’s Next?


Take the next steps — Building Blocks #2 and #3 — to increase your child’s savings by logging into Savings Tracker.


Learn more on our website, or if you need assistance with any of these steps above, please call us at (833) 543-7473 or email us at [email protected].

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program is a scholarship and savings program administered by NYC Kids RISE, Inc., a nonprofit, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York. NYC Kids RISE is neither affiliated with, nor an authorized distributor of, New York’s 529 College Savings Program and does not solicit investments or provide investment advice. The City of New York and the NYC Department of Education offer no endorsement or recommendation about, and do not control, own or are affiliated with the program manager for New York’s 529 College Savings Program and any particular college savings or other investment vehicle, including ones which families may learn about through the Save for College Program.

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