PS 111 GoFundMe Deposit

PS 111 GoFundMe Deposit

Congratulations! Your child has received a new deposit of $108.39 in their NYC Scholarship Account. This “Community Scholarship” deposit was thanks to an effort by members of our community to support P.S. 111 students’ college and career training futures.


This is on top of the deposit of $18.86 from The Concert for College 2019. These “Community Scholarships” are ways the entire community is coming together to save for students’ futures through the Save for College Program. And we’re just getting started.


Plus, you can still earn up to $50 more in scholarship money this school year! Please join Principal Jaggon, Parent Coordinator Joachim, and first-grade teachers this Friday at the “College Savings Breakfast” on June 14, 2019 at 8:30am. Celebrate students’ paths to college and career training and take advantage of the opportunity to earn rewards by completing all 3 Building Blocks.

Finish the 3 Building Blocks:

  • To view the deposits you have received so far, log back into the Savings Tracker

Scroll down to “Your College Savings Accounts.” You will see a graph showing the value of your child’s scholarship account.

  • Then, Complete Building Blocks 2 and 3 to claim your full rewards:

Open your own college savings account and connect it to your child’s scholarship account. 

Make a first deposit of at least $5 into your connected college savings account. 

Please connect with your Parent Coordinator Joachim or the NYC Kids RISE team (833-543-7473) with any questions. For more information, please visit:

  • to learn about the two kinds of college savings accounts you can connect to your child’s scholarship account. You can also find step-by-step instructions on how to open each kind of account.
  • for information on how to make your first deposit and other savings tips.

Together, we’re taking small steps to big college dreams!


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