Seamless Community Scholarship 2019 Deposit

P.S. 92 Parent-to-Parent Community Scholarship 2019

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Congratulations, your child has received a new deposit of $60.48 in their NYC Scholarship Account!

Families celebrated the Parent-to-Parent Community Scholarship at P.S. 92 on Thursday, October 10.
Families celebrated the Parent-to-Parent Community Scholarship at P.S. 92 on Thursday, October 10.
This is thanks to the Save for College Program’s first Parent-to-Parent Community Scholarship. Through the College Opportunity Fund, NYC parents raised $15,000 for students in first and second grade at P.S. 92.
To see this Community Scholarship deposit and check the value of your child’s account, log into your Savings Tracker account. In the “Scholarship Account” tab under “Your College Savings Accounts,” you will see the $60.48 deposit in a graph that looks like this:

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Earn more scholarship money by completing the Building Blocks
Increase your child’s savings and earn up to $75 more by completing all 3 Building Blocks today.

Double Your Savings with the Savings Match
When your family saves in your child’s connected college savings account, NYC Kids RISE will match those deposits in their NYC Scholarship Account, up to $100. Click here to learn more.

Attend a My Kid is Going to College Workshop at P.S. 92

On Wednesday, November 20, NYC Kids RISE will host My Kid is Going to College, an interactive workshop for families of students in kindergarten, first and second grade.
– Get information on the types of college education and career training opportunities that exist for students
– Learn about the resources available to pay for educational expenses
– Leave with steps you can take now and throughout the year to start preparing for your child’s future
For help completing the Building Blocks, activating the Savings Match, and earning more money for your child’s account, talk to P.S. 92 Parent Coordinator Ana Melendez, or call NYC Kids RISE at 833-543-7473.
We are so excited to be partnering with you! Together, we’re taking small steps to big college dreams!
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