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College Savings Liaisons

As the designated College Savings Liaison* at your school, you will be instrumental in familiarizing families and school staff with the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program. This innovative public-private partnership will work through the NYC Department of Education’s agenda of Equity and Excellence for All, and the program’s goals and scope will support the work you are already doing.

To assist you in our first year of partnership, NYC Kids RISE has developed various resources, including this web page, to provide the information you need to be successful. We encourage you to continue to visit this site in the coming months of fall 2017 as we highlight stories, successes, and best practices happening in participating schools.

Drawing on the experience of other programs, we know that families are more likely to engage with the Save for College Program and begin thinking about and saving for college when
school staff convey the importance of the program and its goals. That’s why your role as a liaison between your school and NYC Kids RISE as a champion of the Save for College Program is so important.

*Each school’s College Savings Liaison is to be designated by the school’s Principal, though in district schools this Liaison will typically be the school’s Parent Coordinator.

Save for College Program

A new scholarship + savings program in District 30,
designed to make college more accessible and achievable
for all NYC public school students

Liaison roles

To ensure parents/guardians and families are informed about the Save for College Program, College Savings Liaisons will:

  • 1

    Support NYC Kids RISE to host school-based events, including information sessions, workshops to support parents/guardians enrolling in the Parent Portal, and workshops on college savings and financial empowerment;

  • 2

    Incorporate information and conversations about the Save for College Program into existing events with school staff and parents;

  • 3

    Distribute informational materials about the Save for College Program to parents/guardians and families; and

  • 4

    Publicize all Save for College Program-related events, workshops, and other activities and encourage parent/guardian participation.

Please see your College Savings Liaison Guide for more details on your role in supporting the Save for  College Program.

We are very grateful for your time and skills in making the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program a success!

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