Resources for School Secretaries

Resources for School Secretaries

School Secretaries will play an important role in supporting eligible kindergartners to enroll in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program.

To be enrolled in the Save for College Program, students must attend a participating kindergarten long enough to complete an “opt-out process” wave, which begins with receipt of the Opt-out Notice and concludes with the transfer of their student data from the Department of Education to NYC Kids RISE. Every student meeting these criteria will be automatically enrolled in the program, unless their family chooses not to participate.

The Save for College Program’s opt-out process allows NYC Kids RISE to automatically create NYC Scholarship Accounts for all students who enter kindergarten unless a parent/guardian requests that the Department of Education not share their child’s data.

In October 2017, NYC Kids RISE will train designated Secretaries at participating schools on how the opt-out process works and their role in the process.

We are excited to work with you to support our students and families to participate in the Save for College Program.

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