Seamless Community Scholarship 2019 Deposit

Seamless Community Scholarship 2019 Deposit

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Congratulations, your child has received a new deposit of $48.89 in their NYC Scholarship Account!
NYC Kids RISE staff and community members celebrate over $300k deposited to NYC Scholarship Accounts
Seamless’ Diners contributed more than $300,000 through the “Donate the Change” feature, which resulted in every student receiving $48.89 after the money was deposited equally.
This is thanks to a partnership with the food delivery app Seamless and the first district-wide Community Scholarship deposit, which is one way for the entire community to support students.
Log into your Savings Tracker to see this deposit and take the next step to earn additional scholarship rewards before Wednesday, June 26.
In the “Scholarship Account” tab under “Your College Savings Accounts,” you will see the $48.89 deposit in a graph that looks like this:

NYC Kids RISE Savings Tracker graph with scholarship funds

Get more scholarship rewards before this Wednesday’s deadline.
Increase your child’s savings and earn up to $75 more by completing all 3 Building Blocks today.
Before Wednesday, June 26, please talk to your child’s school parent coordinator, call NYC Kids RISE at 833-543-7473, or visit to learn more about what you need to take the next steps.
We are so excited to be partnering with you! Together, we’re taking small steps to big college dreams!

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