The Three Building Blocks

There are three simple steps to start participating in the Save for College Program. We call these the 3 Building Blocks because they are the foundation of our partnership to save together for your child’s educational future.

Click on the icons below to learn more about each Building Block:

Building Block #1: Activate your child’s NYC Scholarship Account online

NYC Kids RISE has created an NYC Scholarship Account for your child and deposited the first $100 into it. Take the next step by registering online to view your child’s account on the  Savings Tracker and completing a short survey.

Ready? Click “Get Started” below. For step-by-step instructions, click “More Information”.

Building Block #2: Open your own college savings account and connect it to your child’s scholarship account

NYC Kids RISE manages your child’s scholarship account, and only NYC Kids RISE can put money into that account. To start saving your own money for your child’s future and earn more rewards, you will need to open your own college savings account.

Ready to open an account? Click the button below for more information about your account options and how to open one.

Building Block #3: Make the first deposit into your connected college savings account

Once you have opened your own college savings account and connected it to your child’s NYC Scholarship Account, you’re ready to start saving. The amount of money that makes sense to save for college is different for every family. The good news is that no amount is too large or too small when you start saving early! Deposit at least $5 to complete Building Block 3.

Ready to start saving? Click below for more information.


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