Building Block 1: Activate and View your child’s NYC Scholarship Account

This content is only relevant to District 30 families already enrolled in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program.

If you are a NEW eligible participant, please note that this fall your school will communicate with you about enrollment in the program. You can then check back here starting in January to take the foundational steps in the program, outlined below. In the meantime, read about the Save for College Program, and you can download introductory materials here.

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Activating Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account

Welcome to the Save for College Program!

Unless your family chooses not to participate, NYC Kids RISE opens and automatically deposits an initial $100 into an NYC Scholarship Account for your child.

Families can receive additional funds for their child’s scholarship account by taking additional steps such as activating and viewing their child’s account (Building Block 1).

Activate and view your child’s account now to earn an extra $25 reward.

What You Need to Activate

  • Your child’s student identification number or OSIS number.
    You can find this number on your child’s report card, by logging onto your NYC Schools Account at, or by asking your child’s school.

    NYC Kids RISE will never be able to see or access this OSIS number.

  • Your child’s date of birth

  • Your child’s current zip code

  • Your email address.

That’s it. You DO NOT need to provide a Social Security Number or credit card number to participate in the program or activate your child’s NYC Scholarship Account.

How to Activate and View Your Child’s NYC Scholarship Account

For instructions on how to activate and view your child’s account:

Important Facts About Your Child's NYC Scholarship Account

  • This account is managed by NYC Kids RISE, and the money is set aside for your child’s college and career training.

  • The money is invested in a 529 plan, a type of investment account specifically created for college savings.

  • Only NYC Kids RISE can deposit funds into this account. Community members (including local organizations and businesses) can add to their community’s scholarship
    accounts through NYC Kids RISE. Check out our website in the coming months for more details.

  • NYC Kids RISE will deposit rewards into this account as you complete each of the 3 Building Blocks.

Ready to Move onto the Next Step?

Finished activating your account? Click below to move to the next step in your Save for College Program journey.

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