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NYC Kids RISE manages the Save for College Program in partnership with the City of New York, the NYC Department of Education and each participating school. As the heart of every neighborhood, participating school communities play a central role in the Save for College Program ecosystem. By integrating the platform into your school’s goals and operations, this program is another tool to support students and families while enhancing existing college- and- career readiness activities. This page provides detailed information about the Save for College Program schools calendar, training opportunities, and the tools and resources available to our school partners.

Schools Calendar

The school year is divided into key milestones that support eligible families to learn about the program, make an informed choice about whether to opt out and then take action once their children’s NYC Scholarship accounts are available to activate and view. Use the Schools Calendar activities to build excitement about the Save for College Program in your school. As the number of grades participating at your schools grows, you can make these milestones whole school events! Download the School Calendar here.

School Calendar Milestones Toolkits

Each School Calendar milestone has an associated toolkit. Every toolkit has a companion guide that explains how to use the tools that are available for download on this page of the website or on our downloadable resources page.

NYC Scholarship Month Toolkit


529 Day Toolkit


K Graduation Toolkit


Learn About the Save for College Program
Click on this link to learn more about the Save for College Program.

If you are a participating school and have questions, please email us at

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