The Concert for College at Long Island City High School

Your child’s NYC Scholarship Account has received a deposit of $18.86 from The Concert for College 2019, hosted by Center of Hope International and Community Church of Astoria. The Concert for College “Community Scholarship” deposit is an example of how our entire community is coming together to save for students’ futures through the Save for College Program.

Log back into your Savings Tracker to see this deposit. You can find it in the “Scholarship Account” tab under “Your College Savings Accounts.” You will see a graph showing the balance of your child’s account. 


The $18.86 has been added on top of the first $100 deposit from NYC Kids RISE and the reward for completing Building Block #1 and #2, also from NYC Kids RISE.




Ready to take the next step? Take advantage of the opportunity to earn $25 more in rewards toward your child’s NYC Scholarship Account by completing Building Block #3 by Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

If you have any questions or need support, please connect with your child’s school Parent Coordinator or contact the NYC Kids RISE team (833-543-7473). For more resources on how to complete the Building Block #3, please visit:


These 3 Building Blocks are just the beginning. We will continue to partner with your family and the entire community over many years to increase your child’s college savings and support your dreams for your child.


Together, we’re taking small steps to big college dreams!



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