Celebrate 529 Day this Monday!


Dear Save for College Program Parents and Guardians,

529 Day is Monday! 529 Day is an opportunity for us to come together to honor the collective steps that families, schools, and communities are taking today to build a financial foundation for our youngest students’ educational futures. We are proud that nearly every Kindergartner and First Grader in public school across New York City, and nearly every elementary school student in the communities of School District 30 now has an NYC Scholarship Account for college and career training. And we are celebrating that your child is one of those students!

As part of our 529 Day celebrations this year, we will add to the #Together529 #Juntos529 Virtual Library of Community Support—a community-wide effort. You can check out the library by using the hashtags #Together529 and #Juntos529 on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our community will add photos and stories centered on the theme “Who helped you get where you are today?” By exploring the Virtual Library with your child, you can help them to dream big and imagine what is possible when they have the support of their family, teachers, and community to reach their goals.

You can also complete some fun 529 Day activities with your child by downloading our “Who Helped You Get To Where You Are Today?” Activities and Resources to Celebrate 529 Day.

If you haven’t done so yet, activate and view your child’s account today!

To activate the account, all you need is your child’s home ZIP code, date of birth, and nine-digit Student ID Number (check their report card or

Happy 529 Day!

With warm wishes,
Debra-Ellen Glickstein
Founding Executive Director

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Call us at 833-543-7473 or email us at [email protected]. We’re saving for the future, together!

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