Summer Vacation is Almost Here! Updates + Resources from the Save for College Program

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NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program we are saving for college and career training together
Dear Save for College Program Parents and Guardians,
Congratulations on finishing the school year! Reaching this day after the year we have had – through school closures, remote learning, and all of the obstacles our communities have faced – is an incredible accomplishment that your family should be proud of.
In this newsletter, you will find some activities for you to do with your child to explore their NYC Scholarship Account. You can also check out highlights from 529 Day and the virtual library #Together520 #Juntos529. Finally, consider entering NY Saves Sweepstakes, where you could win a $529 deposit to your NY 529 Direct Plan Account.
Also as you may know, tomorrow June 22nd is election day. Early Voting has already started and this is the first year of Ranked Choice Voting. For more information about how Ranked Choice Voting works, you can watch our Town Hall on Rank Choice Voting!
As always, if you have any questions about your NYC Scholarship Account or want assistance completing the additional Building Blocks, please contact us at (833) 543-7473 or [email protected].
Best wishes for a wonderful Summer,
Debra-Ellen Glickstein
Executive Director
As you begin the summer, the Save for College Program is another tool to help your family build your child’s skills and keep them focused on their education as they prepare for a new school year.
You can start by exploring the NYC Scholarship Account with your child!
  • Check the section at the bottom of this email for instructions to log in to the Savings Tracker, where you can see how much money has already been saved for your child.
  • Visit the downloads page at and download a Savings Tracker activity worksheet to complete with your child – see the section below for a list of available activities.
  • Visit the Savings Tracker on a regular basis to track how the balance changes over the summer, and remind your child that their community is here to help them achieve their goals!
The following activities are available on the downloads page at
529 Day Activity Booklet Cover - Who Helped You Get To Where You Are Today. A collage of posts from the Together529 campaign, an a paragraph explaining how many students have an NYC Scholarship Account.
529 Day Activity Booklet
This activity booklet contains examples from the Virtual Library of Community Support, a writing activity for elementary students of all ages to explore what community support looks like in their lives, and a drawing activity for your child to explore the savings they already have in their NYC Scholarship Account.
Money Tree Savings Poster. The headline reads "We're saving for my future together". There is a space for a child to write the date and current value of their NYC Scholarship Account. On the left there is a small tree with dollar bills for leaves
Money Tree Account Balance Poster
You may have seen a version of this money tree poster at your child’s school! For summer vacation, we created a version that you can display at home. Print several copies so that your child can update their account balance every time you log on to view their NYC Scholarship Account together. This activity is best for younger children.
My NYC Scholarship Account Summer Tracking Activity. A graph template allows children to fill in the value of their own NYC Scholarship Account.
My NYC Scholarship Account Summer Tracking Activity
For older students who have begun to practice graphing skills, check out this tracking activity worksheet. It has a graph template with an unlabeled Y-axis so that your child can choose the scale that best fits the balance of their NYC Scholarship Account. Check your NYC Scholarship Account balance each month this summer and update the worksheet to match!
Share your work! If you would like your children’s completed summer activities to be featured on NYC Kids RISE social media or in an upcoming newsletter, send it to us at [email protected]! With your permission, we will share your photos with the whole Save for College Community. You can also feel free to tag us in your own posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using our handle, @NYCKidsRISE.
Thank you to all who participated in our #Together529 #Juntos529 celebration of 529 Day this year! Here are just a few of the wonderful stories of community support that our Save for College Community shared. It’s not too late to add your voice! Share your story using the hashtags #Together529 and #Juntos529.
A selfie of a mom and her daughter in the car
“My one and only guiding light is my mom. She pushed me, supported me, and paved the way for me. Love you mom.”
– Save for College Program Parent
“I attribute my success to my family who always believed in me and supported me. They valued education and wanted me to pursue my dreams. With these values instilled in me I was able to gain confidence and determination to be the person who I am today.”
– Ms. Manuelian, P.S. 148Q The Ruby G. Allen School
A teacher poses in her brown graduation cap and gown in front of a white door with inspirational posters behind her.
A bulletin board of student artwork for 529 day featuring decorated tracings of handprints
A bulletin board of student artwork for 529 day featuring decorated tracings of handprints
529 Day student artwork from P.S. 149Q The Christa McAuliffe School in Jackson Heights
Students Completing 529 Day Activities
Students Completing 529 Day Activities
Students Completing 529 Day Activities
Students at P.S. 148 The Ruby G. Allen School work on their 529 Day Activity Booklets
A twitter post with images showing children participating in outdoor savings activities. The caption wishes everyone a happy 529 Day and says the event will be an annual one in the future.
P.S. 398Q hosted a 529 Market Day to celebrate, and plans to make it an annual event!
To see the full Virtual Library, check out the hashtags on social media:
New York’s 529 College Savings Program is offering the chance to win a $529 deposit to a NY 529 Direct Plan account! The sweepstakes is free to enter and open until 6/21/2021 at 11:59pm. All you have to do is visit this link, provide your name and contact information, and answer a few short questions:
529 Sweepstakes Entry Requirements
The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program is a scholarship and savings program administered by NYC Kids RISE, Inc., a nonprofit, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York. NYC Kids RISE is neither affiliated with, nor an authorized distributor of, New York’s 529 College Savings Program and does not solicit investments or provide investment advice. The City of New York and the NYC Department of Education offer no endorsement or recommendation about, and do not control, own or are affiliated with the program manager for New York’s 529 College Savings Program and any particular college savings or other investment vehicle, including ones which families may learn about through the Save for College Program.
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The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program provides families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to save for their children’s futures. It’s a scholarship and savings program designed to make college and career training more accessible and achievable for all NYC public school students—regardless of their family’s income or immigration status. The Save for College Program is a tool that families, along with their schools and neighbors, can use and customize in the way that best fits into their lives and best supports their dreams for their children. NYC Kids RISE, a nonprofit organization, manages the Save for College Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York.
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