July 2020 Reward Deadline Extension BB2 Complete

Scholarship Rewards Deadline has been Extended! Increase Your Child's College Savings - How to earn more rewards for your child's NYC Scholarship Account

Good news! The deadline to earn the full scholarship rewards for your child’s educational future has been extended to the last day of school 2021! 


Since you have completed Building Blocks #1 and #2, you have received a total of $50 in rewards from NYC Kids RISE. Log back into your Savings Tracker to see these deposits, if you haven’t already. You can find them in the “Scholarship Account” tab under “Your College Savings Accounts.”



What’s Next?


You can still earn another $25 in rewards toward your child’s NYC Scholarship Account by completing just one more step


Make a first deposit of at least $5 into your connected college savings account


How to Complete Building Block#3:


These 3 Building Blocks are just the beginning. We will continue to partner with your family and the entire community over many years to increase your child’s college savings and support your dreams for your child.


Together, we’re taking small steps to big college dreams!



Your Partners at NYC Kids RISE

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program is a scholarship and savings program administered by NYC Kids RISE, Inc., a nonprofit, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York. NYC Kids RISE is neither affiliated with, nor an authorized distributor of, New York’s 529 College Savings Program and does not solicit investments or provide investment advice. The City of New York and the NYC Department of Education offer no endorsement or recommendation about, and do not control, own or are affiliated with the program manager for New York’s 529 College Savings Program and any particular college savings or other investment vehicle, including ones which families may learn about through the Save for College Program.

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