Notification: Updates to our End User License Agreement

We have updated our End User License Agreement on our online Savings Tracker portal to clarify how your data is shared relating to the NYC Scholarship Account for your linked student enrolled in the Save for College Program.  This is part of our goal to be transparent with you about how we use your data.  You will be asked to consent to the new End User License Agreement the next time you sign into the portal.  If you do not agree to have this information shared, you will not be able to proceed to access information through the Savings Tracker portal.  The linked student’s NYC Scholarship Account will not be affected in any way by your refusal to consent; only your ability to use the portal will be suspended.


More specifically, we are asking you to consent to NYC Kids RISE and VistaShare sharing with the school(s) your linked student(s) attend(s) and with the NYC Department of Education the fact of your registration on Savings Tracker and the name you entered in the registration process. Please note that NYC Kids RISE and VistaShare will not share information about any connected college savings account or any activity in that account with your linked student’s school or the NYC Department of Education.


Participation in the Save for College Program is in no way conditioned upon your consent.

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