Viewing Your Child’s
NYC Scholarship Account

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions to complete Building Block #1:


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Welcome to the NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program! We created this scholarship and savings program to make college more accessible and achievable for every NYC public school student.

NYC Kids RISE has created an NYC Scholarship Account for your child and deposited the first $100 into it. Take the next step by registering online to view your child’s account on your  Savings Tracker. This is the first of the 3 Building Blocks of our partnership for your child’s future.

Register to view your child’s NYC Scholarship Account before the deadline and your child will receive up to an extra $25 from NYC Kids RISE into their account! Click here to see the deadline for your family to earn the full $25 reward.

Note: each NYC Scholarship Account can only receive the Building Block #1 reward once—for the first adult who registers to view the account and completes the survey.

Ready? Click View My Account below to register. For step-by-step instructions, keep reading below.

Questions? Call the NYC Kids RISE hotline at 833-KID-RISE (833-543-7473) or attend a Save for College Program workshop. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, visit

Step-by-step instructions

Follow these steps to view your child’s
NYC Scholarship Account
(it will take about 15-20 minutes)

What you need to register

  • Your kindergartner’s student identification number or OSIS number.
    You can find this number on your child’s report card, by logging onto your NYC Schools Account at, or by asking your child’s school.

    NYC Kids RISE will never be able to see or access this OSIS number.

  • Your kindergartner’s date of birth

  • Your kindergartner’s current zip code

  • Your email address.

That’s it. You do not need to provide a Social Security Number or credit card number to participate in the program or register.

How to register

1. Visit on your computer or mobile phone.

2. Click the red button near the bottom of the screen that says View My Account. (If you’re already on the site, just click here.)

3. On the next page you will see more information on how to register on the Savings Tracker. Scroll to the bottom and click Get Started Here. If you want to register in another language besides English, click the name of that language.

4. You should now see a form with the title “Registration”. Fill in the form and click Submit.

5. You will now see a screen titled “New Profile”. Click the Google or Facebook buttons at the top of the page to register using those platforms, or fill in the information in the form and click Create user profile.

Congratulations, you have registered on your Savings Tracker!

Make sure to remember the email address and password you used. Keep your password secure and do not share it with anyone else.

6. You will now see a page that says,“Welcome to VistaShare – Outcome Tracker.” This page has information about how the website works and what to expect. After reading the page, click Agree to continue.

7. You have now reached your Savings Tracker. Here, you can view your child’s NYC Scholarship Account. To get started, click the link that says Introductory Survey.

8. Read the instructions on the first page of the survey. Then click the right arrow > and fill in the requested information about yourself and your kindergartner. Completing this survey will help NYC Kids RISE better work with you to save for your child’s future.

After answering all survey questions, click Submit. Then click Close to return to the homepage.

9. On the homepage, scroll down to the box labeled Your College Savings Accounts to view the value of your child’s NYC Scholarship Account. You
should see a graph showing the value of your child’s scholarship account over time.

10. When you have finished exploring this page, click the link that says Log out at the top right of the page.

11. What’s Next? Visit the homepage and click the  Building Block #2 icon to take the next steps for your child’s future.

For more information about your child’s NYC Scholarship Account, keep reading below or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important facts about your child's
NYC scholarship account

  • This account is managed by NYC Kids RISE, and the money is set aside for your child’s college and career training.

  • The money is invested in a 529 plan, a type of investment account specifically created for college savings.

  • Only NYC Kids RISE can deposit funds into this account. Community members (including local organizations and businesses) can add to their community’s scholarship
    accounts through NYC Kids RISE. Check out our website in the coming months for more details.

  • NYC Kids RISE will deposit rewards into this account as you complete each of the 3 Building Blocks.

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