Families across District 30 Activate their Scholarship Accounts during the First-ever NYC Scholarship Week

Posted on: June 21, 2019

June 21, 2019 – Queens, NEW YORK


In support of School District 30’s vision for every student to be ready to achieve post-secondary success, schools across the district celebrated the first-ever NYC Scholarship Week in April. During this week of learning and inspiration, school teams led efforts including workshops, arts & crafts, and other college-and-career-themed activities for kindergarten and first-grade families. These events were designed for families to have the opportunity to activate and view their NYC Scholarship Accounts (complete
Building Block #1) – the first step in engaging with the Save for College Program.

As part of attending kindergarten or first grade in School District 30, every child receives a NYC Scholarship with $100 in it, unless their family chooses not to participate. Alongside NYC Kids RISE, schools are working to make sure every family knows that they already have resources for college and career training–and that their school and community are behind them on their child’s educational journey.

During NYC Scholarship Week, thanks to the leadership and efforts of District 30 Superintendent Dr. Composto, principals, parent coordinators, school staff, and families across District 30:

  • Participants collectively earned over $1,200 in rewards toward their child’s NYC Scholarship Accounts;
  • More than 70 families viewed their children’s NYC Scholarship Account on the Savings Tracker;
  • Of those, 54 families activated their NYC Scholarship Accounts, completing Building Block #1, the first step in saving together with the Save for College Program; and
  • Twenty-two schools across the District led activities during the week.
NYC Kids RISE Savings Tracker graph with scholarship funds
Sample graph from the online Savings Tracker of a kindergartner’s NYC Scholarship Account balance and transactions. After families register to activate this account, they will see another deposit of up to $25 on this graph.

NYC Scholarship Week highlights from P.S. 112, P.S. 212, and P.S. 70.

Check out some #NYCScholarshipWeek highlights from social media:

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